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Tik Tok’s Bad Luck – Google & Apple To Ban Tik Tok App


FCC (Federal Communications Commissioner), Brendan Carr, has expressed concerns regarding confidential data millions of United States TikTok users are being accessed in China.


An article updated on June 29, 2022, by Washingtonpost revealed that FCC is calling google and apple to terminate the TikTok app from their app stores. Concerning the users’ data information being accessed in China, this step is taken. Brendan Carr, FCC Commissioner shared a tweet on Tuesday addressing a letter to Google CEO Sundar Pichai and Tim Cook, the chief executives of Apple. He increased anxieties over TikTok’s Chinese privilege, stating that “it gathers swaths of liable data that recent information show is being accessed in Beijing.”

FCC has no privilege to regulate the app stores so it is not in its hand to ban TikTok. But this request can force the U.S government and tech firms to do more investigation into such corporations as TikTok and Facebook.

As per a recent BuzzFeed report, ByteDance had frequently accessed confidential information on U.S. users. It is said that Beijing employees of ByteDance had accessed the user’s data.

Carr highlighted that Tik Tok is not just a funny video app for youth but it’s a part of their business. He called it “Sheep’s Clothing” which hides refined mass surveillance tool.

Carr wrote that Tik Tok holds an inappropriate national security risk because of its expansive data being combined with Beijing’s uncontrolled access to that data. “But it is obvious that TikTok’s routine of manners and misrepresentations concerning the unfettered entry that individuals in Beijing have to liable U.S. user data sets it out of obedience with guidelines that both of your firms need every app to stick to as a state of staying unrestricted on your app stores.”

From other TikTok’s side, TikTok agent Brooke Oberwetter refused to speak particularly to Carr’s note, instead of indicating to prior reports signaling the firm would “gladly engage with legislators to put the record directly”, BuzzFeed informed.

FCC (Federal Communications Commissioner), Brendan Carr

Current reporting by BuzzFeed indicates that TikTok is doing precisely what it declared it would: managing situations around access to U.S. user data by workers beyond the U.S. We’ve been transparent and verbal regarding our work in this zone as we strive to handle both location and entry to data,” Oberwetter reported in an emailed mention. Spokespersons from Google and Apple did not react to requests for a statement on whether they will terminate the app.

TikTok has blasted in popularity in current years by letting users create quick videos, adjust them with the tune and graphic effects, stream live, and entertain with others, all with the hint of a smartphone. Its characteristics and enterprise model are equivalent to Facebook’s Instagram. Users can see, engage and post with TikTok videos free of cost while the firm makes finances on advertising.

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But its data safety traditions and privilege have lengthy attracted the scrutiny of controllers and traditional policymakers. The app’s analysts are concerned that millions of TikTok users could have their aloneness raided by the Chinese Communist Party. It is a commodity with global aims that is comprehended to use cultured technology tools to chase and suppress its people.

It was recognized as a possible federal security threat in 2019 when U.S. administrators came to ByteDance with their problems. That diverted into a legal national security analysis conducted by the CFIUS (Commerce Department’s Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States). This is a government body that is authorized with vetting alien assets founded on their federal security implications.

President Trump signed a couple of administrative orders in 2020, which were conceived to ban TikTok in the U.S. The business’s managers soothed his authority that all U.S. data in its control was kept in the United States and supported in Singapore.

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