TechnologyDo You Know What Is Cloud VPS Hosting?

Do You Know What Is Cloud VPS Hosting?


If you don’t know what is Cloud VPS Hosting and How to utilize it, then this post is special for you. You will find out everything you need to know about cloud VPS here. No need to search anywhere else. So let’s dig it out.

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If you have been in touch around the web hosting business, you may have heard the word “cloud’ or sometimes “cloud servers”. You might also hear of virtual machines, virtual private servers, or virtual servers. There are multiple options regarding hosting. We will explore cloud VPS which is also known as VPS cloud servers or Cloud VPS Hosting.

So What Is Cloud VPS Hosting?

A cloud VPS Hosting is a cloud computing technology that is based on KVM or Linux Kernes base VM (Virtual Machine). Cloud VPS hosting delivers scalable resource services.

Cloud computing is a way of utilizing a network of remote servers which is hosted on the web to manage, store and process data rather than utilizing local servers or PC (Personal Computer) Whether you are picking Cloud VPS or Cloud Dedicated server, the storage remains the same for both.

With Cloud server hosting, also understood as shared cloud hosting, things are a little bit different. The public cloud is presented on a pay-per-use base and exists as a virtualized waterhole of resources across multiple servers using virtualization. This can be more beneficial for additional flexibility, agility, and scalability than a VPS server can deliver.

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What is a Virtual Private Server? (VPS)

To comprehend what is cloud vps hosting, it is also useful to understand the term VPS (Virtual Private Server). If you are into this hosting domain, you might have heard the terms Virtual Private Server before. If not, no worry, I will explain it to you.

The VPS is a dedicated and private hosting platform that is a chamber of specific resources from its parent server via the utilization of virtualization. To run VM (Virtual Machine) on a host (Server), we should implement a virtual machine manager. It is also called a hypervisor which is computer software, hardware, or firmware that constructs and runs virtual machines.


Best Cloud VPS Hosting Providers Examples:

There are several cloud hosting provider companies out there. Their services may differ according to their services, pricing, support, bandwidth, storage, and many more things. So before purchasing any hosting service, you should be aware of hosting guidelines so that you will choose a correct hosting server. Here we mentioned 6 examples of popular VPS hosting providers:

  1. AccuWeb Hosting
  2. Kamatera
  3. InMotion
  4. Bluehost
  5. Scale Hosting
  6. Liquid Web

If you wondering why to choose Cloud Hosting or what are the benefits you can achieve from it, we have mentioned 10 advantages of using Cloud VPS Hosting rather than classical VPS hosting. So let’s find out what are these benefits:

1. Dedicated Resources

All Cloud VPS have dedicated servers that have their resources like RAM, CPU, etc. It assures you that other consumers of the cloud server will not affect your website.


2. Affordable

Cloud VPS hosting is not only a reliable choice but even a low-cost one. Most providers will allow you to customize your wishes, whether you require a more powerful server just for an hour or like to improve your hard disk space for a day. You will spend only on the resources that you use and all of them will be accurately computed by a system. This makes it reasonable and yet refined.

3. Adaptive

Cloud VPS allows users to modify or adjust the prospects or setting to make your website more appealing to visitors. More storage can be effortlessly counted to your VPS, broaden RAM or scale your CPU performance and no rest will occur. Furthermore, there will be no requirement of migrating your website.

4. Accessibility

Owning VPS Cloud hosting provides a crucial benefit of accessibility. You can have an entry to your data and service anytime from any junction of the planet ( You just need an Internet connection).

5. Self-Healing

One of the good reasons to pick Cloud VPS Hosting is its self-healing hardware. In any situation, you got some troubles with the hardware server, you’re currently running VPS will automatically shift to another node without wasting your server time and resources.


6. Reliability

If you have an issue with one of your devices it doesn’t mean your data will be lost. Your cloud VPS host automatically securely caches all your files on multiple hard drives. This is how all your files can be easily restored and there is no need to worry about data loss.

7. High Level of Security

Corresponded to shared hosting, VPS Cloud hosting is more protected as it has dedicated RAM, CPU, etc. As Cloud VPS contains an in-built multi-tiered shield mechanism, your data is even covered from malicious software and cyberpunk attacks.

8. Full Control

This kind of server provides users the freedom of what they like to place on your Cloud VPS. Clients can install the operating system as well as the control panel as Cloud Hosting has root access. As there are no limitations, users can install as multiple programs and applications as they like.

9. Speed

A slow-speed website is the most irritating thing for online visitors. It increases your website’s bounce rate and affects your site badly. Users always like to browse any website fast, they hate waiting. With Cloud, VPS be sure that your users won’t leave your site just because of your site speed because any website under cloud VPS hosting will run faster. It is designed in this way.

10. Better collaboration

All your data will be located in one place on the Cloud server which makes it easier to cooperate with the members of your crew while performing on a project or particular document. This makes the job easier and preserves a bunch of time required in coordination.

Google Cloud VPS

Google offers a very broad range of possible VPS configurations and in contrast to other providers, the free tier is rather hidden in all the available options. This article will guide you through the setup process step by step.

FAQ Related Cloud VPS Hosting

What is the contrast between cloud and VPS hosting?

A VPS is hosted/placed one a single physical server, while a cloud server is on a VPS (virtual partition consisting) of many physical servers for highest scalability and high availability.

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