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Downton Abbey fans reveal they’re long past with ‘tears’ after looking sequel


Downton Abbey lovers have found out that they have been left in ‘tears’ after looking at A New Era, the much-expected sequel movie to the length drama. Viewers flocked to Twitter to proportion their emotional reactions after looking at the movie, which became launched in cinemas on Friday. 

Downton Abbey
Downton Abbey fans reveal they’re long past with ‘tears’ after looking sequel

Many lovers admitted that they have been left giggling and crying as they went via a ‘rollercoaster of the feelings’, whilst others expressed their wonder at how ‘unhappy’ the storyline became. 

One fan noted: ‘Just observed Downton Abbey A New Era. As expected – really cherished it! Such a feel-excellent movie (some tears too!)’ Another penned: ‘Just wow! There became laughter and there has been tears. A new generation indeed #DowntonAbbeyANewEra.’ A 1/3 tweeted: ‘Watched this night laughter and tears thank you.’ 

And a fourth said: ‘Back with vintage buddies from #DowntonAbbey tonight. South of France, Hollywood, laughter & tears…felt just like the final bankruptcy of a cherished story. Bloody Marvellous!’ While a 5th added: ‘Just domestic from looking the primary screening and boy became it a rollercoaster of the feelings and I used to be in tears at one point, first-rate spherical up of the characters.’ 

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A 6th commented: ‘Just come lower back from the brand new Downton Abbey film, it is unhappy.’ Another wrote: ‘I have simply were given lower back from looking Downton Abbey, it became funny, unhappy and absolutely enjoyable.’ 

Downton Abbey: A New Era acquired tremendous opinions after its cinema launch on Friday, with the Daily Mail’s Brian Viner describing it as ‘the present that continues giving. He wrote: ‘There’s a birth, a death, a proposal, and a gap of disputed paternity, with all free ends tied as well as though Mr. Carson himself had attended to them. 

‘There also are a few true chuckles and some shameless spinoff storylines…Downton is the present that continues on giving.’ Fans have been eagerly anticipating the modern Downton Abbey installment, which noticed the Crawley own circle of relatives head to the South of France to discover a thriller at a villa bestowed to Dowager Countess of Grantham, Violet Crawley, whilst a formidable director deliberate to make a movie at Downton. 

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The trailer suggests the Crawley’s circle of relatives heading to the South of France to discover a thriller at a villa bestowed to Dowager Countess of Grantham, Violet Crawley, whilst a formidable director plans to make a movie at Downton. It opens as fan-favorite Violet [Dame Maggie], says: ‘I’ve come into the ownership of villa withinside the South of France.’ She continues: ‘Years ago, earlier than you have been born. 

I met a man.’ It then transpires Dowager Grantham and her lover ‘spent some days collectively and he gave her a house’. The upcoming sequel will see the go back of the much-cherished forge which includes Hugh, Michelle, and Penelope Wilton. And it seems like there will be a problem in paradise for Lady Mary (Michelle) as she talks approximately the struggles of marriage withinside the trailer. 

Downton Abbey Cast

Lady Mary is visible speakme to Hugh’s man or woman, saying: ‘You do not want me to inform you that marriage is a unique complete of plot twists along the way.’ The trailer additionally suggests property turning into the putting for a movie and a slender mustached Dominic, who performs a Nineteen Twenties Hollywood actor, will become pretty the heartthrob of the various staff. 

One of the chefs says: ‘There is something approximately him, he is like a wild animal prepared to spring.’ Mister Barber, a manufacturer, and director starts offevolved to shoot the movie – however Earl of Grantham, Robert Crawley (Hugh Bonneville) isn’t always inspired via way of means the fanfare. ‘I assume it’s a terrible idea. 

Actresses plastered in makeup and actors simply plastered,’ he says because the scene shifts to the Hollywood forged interrupting the everyday lifestyles in Downton. The trailer additionally suggests that lovers will subsequently get to look at widower Tom Branson locate love once more with maid Lucy Smith because the pair tie the knot in romantic scenes.

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Meanwhile, Hugh Bonneville found out the concept Maggie Smith’s man or woman on Downton Abbey became ‘going to die among movies’ whilst establishing up approximately her go back to the large display. The actor, who performs Robert Crawley withinside the length drama and the brand new sequel movie, regarded on Magic Radio Breakfast on Friday morning to speak approximately the brand new movie launch. 

Hugh, 59, additionally spoke approximately rumors that this will be Maggie’s closing performing hurrah – admitting she says she’s ‘done’ every time however continually comes lower back. During the chat, Hugh defined: ‘I concept she became going to die among movies frankly, however there she is, pops up once more like a terrible penny and being spot-on as regular.’ 

The actor additionally jested that the 87-year-vintage famous person has ‘all of the nice traces’, as he continued: ‘Every new release of the display is the ‘it’s the closing time, it’s it I’m done and there she is once more.

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‘She is in terrific shape on this and as regular has all of the nice traces and we do not begrudge her those.’ Maggie formerly introduced that the 6th season of Downton Abbey, which ended up being the closing season of the display all collectively, might be her closing – however again for the large display sequel this year. 

Downton writer Julian Fellowes formerly teased a little information about the film, that’s primarily based totally on the acclaimed TV series. Speaking approximately the project, Julian shared: ‘It’s absolutely a brand new generation. 

In addition, the ’20s went alongside, and the extra the arena became converting in such a lot of ways. Everything from amusement to moving became distinct via way of means at the top of the ’20s. That’s what we are relating to in that.’ Julian sees the Downton movies as an extension of the hit TV series, which ran for 6 seasons between 2010 and 2015, and he defined that the brand new film will choose up from in which the 2019 movie ended. 

He said: ‘As we recognize from the closing movie, Mary won’t be the titular head of the household, however, she is correctly strolling the display. We take that in addition. ‘We’re seeking to mark the change – the truth that Crawleys of Downton are almost withinside the 1930s, that’s simply the start of the current world.’

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