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America and Mexico in the World Cup


London: The U.S. and Mexico have succeeded in winning the FIFA World Cup, which will be held in Qatar this year. On Wednesday night, the U.S. was defeated in the last selection game, but this year it succeeded in winning the FIFA World Cup, which will be held in Qatar. The U.S. was defeated 2-0 by Costa Rica in the final game of the selection.

Despite the defeat, the U.S. managed to cut tickets to the Qatar World Cup. Pablo Vargas scored in the 51st minute of the game to beat Costa Rica, while Anthony Contreras added a second goal in the 59th minute. In the final game, the U.S. successfully made a place in the world, even though it could not avoid defeat. Previously, the U.S. was not elected to the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

Meanwhile, Mexico managed to make a place in the Qatar World Cup, beating El Salvador 2-0 in the final. In the 17th minute of Mexico’s victory, Uriel Antunlo scored the goal, while In the 43rd minute, Rauz Jimenz scored a penalty. Mexico won the game 2-0 after failing to score goals on both sides in the second half. 

At the same time, three nations have been directly elected to the World Cup from the continent of North America. Canada remained in the top spot and Mexico remained in second place. The U.S. was chosen by staying in third place. Costa Rica, who played in the 2018 World Cup, was not directly selected this time. 

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With fourth place in the group, Costa Rica was denied a straight choice. In the final game, Costa Rica defeated the U.S. but could not directly make a place in the world.

But, Costa Rica has been the choice for the playoffs. As a North American playoff team, Costa Rica will now play the final match of the playoffs with the Oceana Continental Playoff team in New Zealand. So the team that won the game will be selected for the Qatar World Cup. 

This means Costa Rica still has the opportunity to be selected in the world. At the time, the number of countries to be chosen in the world has risen to 2. Now the last three countries are yet to be chosen.

Of which there is one team left from Europe. While Wales from Europe has to play with the champions between Ukraine and Scotland, the last team has yet to come to an end because there is no match between Ukraine and Scotland. 

Likewise, the winner of the match between Australia and the UAE – a country from the Asia and South America playoffs – will face Peru. Likewise, a country will be selected from the playoffs in North America and Oceana. Which Costa Rica has become an equation to play with New Zealand.


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