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Best Job In New York 2022 – 100+ High Paying Jobs In New York – Recent Hiring


Best Job In New York 2022 | 100+ High Paying Jobs In New York | New Job Hiring


Hi there! Are you looking for the best job in new york in 2022? If yes, don’t worry. We have collected a list of 100+ best jobs in new york city. Whether you are a fresher or experienced in any field, here you have a great opportunity to find your dream job in new york city.

There is some of the highest-paid profession in New York which can give you an ideal salary as well as a good future. So if you are a fresher or unemployed one and have tension to get a job, no need to worry. There are hundreds and thousands of job vacancies waiting for you. Zippa has shared these new best jobs in New York. 

A quick list of 10 highest paying jobs in New York:

  1. Consultant And Sales Representative
  2. General Surgeon
  3. Head Of Security
  4. Vice President, Products & Marketing
  5. Revenue Officer
  6. Executive Vice President Of Sales
  7. Vice President Worldwide Sales
  8. Senior Vice President, Engineering
  9. Chief Executive Officer/Chief Technology Officer
  10. Pain Management Physician


These best jobs data and salary report is based on recent information publicized by Zippa, which is a well-known online platform for job hiring.


To make earnings calculations, zippa begins with data issued by publicly known authorities such as the most newly unleashed data in 2022 from the FLC (Foreign Labor Certification Data Center), BLS (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics) OPM (Office of Personnel Management) and other data sources. The data science unit then scans that information by constantly browsing via millions of job postings every day to find posted salaries. Then they compare these publicized salaries to the companies, sites, and job tags in different datasets. Ultimately, the data science squad figures a weighted standard of this information to construct an evaluated compensation for a certain job title in New York.

In sum, the team examined the salary data developed for all 6962 jobs in New York to determine those that get paid the most.


RankJob TitleAverage SalaryEntry Level SalaryNumber Of People
1Consultant And Sales Representative$243,938$206,0004,678
2General Surgeon $222,651$169,0001,789
3Vice President, Products & Marketing$206,998$153,0002,803
4Head Of Security$204,402$144,0002,202
5Executive Vice President Of Sales$200,659$143,0002,328
6Chief Executive Officer/chief Technology Officer$196,124$140,0002,902
7Revenue Officer$195,689$156,0001,789
8Pain Management Physician $195,556$135,0002,513
9Vice President Worldwide Sales$195,057$137,0001,989
10Senior Vice President, Engineering $193,993$138,0002,900
11Senior Vice President, Sales$192,813$134,0002,996
12Vice President Of National Accounts$192,481$136,0002,280
13Senior Vice President Of Marketing $192,201$134,0002,697
14Vice President, Product Management$191,341$137,0004,479
15President/chief Executive Officer$191,184$132,0004,103
16President & Chief Technology Officer$190,091$134,0003,207
17Vice President/managing Director$189,884$132,0002,346
18Global Vice President Of Sales$189,478$132,0002,156
19Group Marketing Manager$189,440$135,0002,597
20Executive Vice President$188,870$129,0003,434
21Obstetrics Gynecology Physician$187,971$127,0001,137
22Director Of Business Systems $186,526$136,0002,841
23Internal Medicine Physician$185,919$128,0001,778
24Vice President, Field Operations$185,685$128,000 2,774
25Senior Director, Product Management $185,611$131,0005,262
26Director Of Systems Engineering$185,461$136,0002,561
27Staff Psychiatrist$184,935$127,0001,442
28Senior Vice President $184,171$124,0003,524
29Vice President & General Manager $182,543$124,0005,352
30President And General Manager $182,496$125,0004,231
31Senior Director, Product Marketing$182,459$127,0003,349
32Senior Practice Manager $182,075$127,0001,723
33Vice President, Consulting Services$181,457$127,0001,833
34Director Of Network Engineering$181,289$127,0001,759
35Physician Extender$180,909$120,0001,713
36General Internist $179,683$122,0001,611
37Chief Nursing Officer$179,294$119,0003,401
38Anesthesiologist/physician $179,055$118,0001,157
39Chief Executive Officer And Operator$178,744$118,0003,123
40Vice President, Corporate Development$178,640$119,0002,351
41Executive Director, Information Technology$177,925$122,0001,940
42General Surgery Physician Assistant$177,455 $116,0002,830
43Executive Vice President Of Operations $177,323$119,0003,401
44Vice President, Merchandising$177,018$120,0001,025
45Director Of Global Sales $176,963$119,0001,999
46Vice President, Strategy $176,683$120,0002,575
47Chief Executive Officer/chief Finance Officer$176,664$118,0004,207
48Board Certified Orthodontist $176,648$119,0001,177
49Industrial Truck Driver $176,516$115,0003,104
50Vice President, Technology $176,122 $124,0002,174
51Vice President Of Operations And Engineering $175,655 $122,0002,062
52Senior Director Of Engineering $175,600$124,0002,377
53Director Of Marketing And Product Management $175,594$121,0004,449
54President $175,502$115,0003,190
55Development Vice President $175,360$119,0002,604
56Global Director Of Information Technology $175,288$119,0002,202
57Vice President Of Global Operations $175,028$117,0003,710
58Corporate Director $174,801$117,0003,042
59Regional Vice President$174,281$117,0002,242
60Group Vice President $174,259$116,0002,978
61Director, Applications$174,164$126,0001,298
62Chief Medical Officer $173,449$114,0003,956
63Staff Physician $173,187$117,0002,180
64Director Of Sales, Americas $172,957$117,0002,162
65Corporate Development Director $172,596$117,0002,420
66Vice President Of Information Technology $172,447$120,0002,309
67Chief Executive Officer $172,288$112,0003,431
68Anesthesiologist, Pain Management Specialist $172,261$111,0001,481
69Director, Strategic Marketing$172,220$113,0002,656
70Senior Director Of Business Development $172,131$119,0003,273
71Global Director$172,099$116,0002,728
72Senior Director, Product $171,976$116,0003,148
73Chief Security Officer$171,431$117,0002,916
74Director Of Information Technology Services $171,186 $115,0002,851
75Vice President Of Programming $171,169$116,0002,228
76Vice President Product Development$170,860$114,0004,249
77Director Of Applications Engineering $170,658$122,0001,494
78Director, Global Marketing $170,629$115,0002,423
79Director, Global Business Development $170,457$114,0002,177
80Senior Physician $170,416$110,0001,306
81Credit Risk Management Director $170,395$114,0002,243
82Orthopaedic Physician Assistant $170,220$109,0001,368
83President Of Operations $169,795$110,0001,940
84Staff Anesthesiologist $169,784$108,0001,208
85Director, Managing Consultant$169,759$113,0003,972
86Director Of Ecommerce$169,756$120,0002,463
87Manager, Enterprise Systems $169,604$125,0001,944
88Vice President $169,301 $112,0004,389
89Chief Operating Officer, Chief Technology Officer $169,167$112,0003,085
90Head Of Sales $169,157$111,0001,863
91Director, Product Marketing$169,069 $115,0003,284
92Sales Vice President $168,731$112,0002,511
93General Internal Medicine Physician$168,407 $108,0003,250
94Hospitalist Physician $168,390$112,0001,249
95Medical Director $168,375$109,0001,217
96Marketing Vice President $168,345$109,0002,537
97Vice President, Marketing & Development $168,134$110,0002,127
98Executive Vice President Marketing $168,097$107,0002,694
99Senior Technical Marketing Manager $168,075$112,0004,059
100Senior Director Of Information & Technology $168,028$118,0001,886

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Whether you’re peeking to grip one of the highest-paying jobs in NYC or you’re simply examining for the best job in new york or a good-paying job, we have you wrapped. Prepared to take the first step?. Prepare a biodata and head over to your desired job.

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