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Indian Women Cricket Team Latest Matches: Captain, Coach, Salary & How to join Indian women’s cricket team?


This year in February, the Indian women cricket team is going to play an international match with New Zealand. In the game, the women’s cricket team will play a match of T20 and five other one-day matches. These six matches will be held in Queens Town. Concerning the risk of coronavirus, this decision is taken.

There will be only one T20 match in the series that is going to happen on February 9. The primary ODI will be played on February 11 and the Second ODI on Feb 14. Similarly, The third ODI cricket match will be on February 16. The fourth ODI will be played on 22 February and the last match on February 25. These all matches will be played in Queens Town.

All the matches were planned to be hosted in different places but due to the new variant of the COVID pandemic series, the matches are fixed in the same place. Borth First and second matches were scheduled for Napier. The third match was scheduled for Nelson and both fourth and fifth matches in Queens Town. But now this schedule has been modified and changed to Queens Town for all the matches.


Indian women cricket team

Indian women’s cricket team also known as Women in Blue is India’s international cricket team of women’s. It is commended and controlled by the Board of Control of India Cricket which was the first test debuted in 1976, in opposition to the West Indies. It debuted in 1978 in World Cup.

India women’s world t20 squad

Mithali RajBatter
Jhulan GoswamiBowler
Deepti SharmaAll-Rounder
Punam RautBatter
Rajeshwari GayakwadBowler
Shafali VermaBatter
Radha YadavBowler
Shikha PandeyAll-Rounder

Indian woman cricket team captain Mithali Raj is a right-handed batter and Jhulan Goswami is a good bowler. Deepti Sharma plays as an all-rounder player on the team. Punam Rauth and Shafali Verma give their best batting skill. Rajeshwari Gayakwad and Radha Yadav represent their unique talent of bowling and Shikha Pandey as an all-rounder player.

Indian women cricket team Captain


Mithali Dorai Raj is the captain of the Indian women’s cricket team. She is an amazing Indian cricketer as well as the captain of ODI and Test captain for the women’s national cricket team. Mithali Raj is a right-handed opening batter and sometimes right-arm leg break bowler also. She is one the player to win the highest run-scorer in women’s international cricket match.

Mithali Raj was born on 1982, December 3. She is currently 39 years of age. She became captain of the Indian women’s cricket team at the age of 23 in 2005. Raj holds the most half-centuries records in WODIs. During the Women’s Twenty20 Asia Cup, in June 2018, she won the first player title from India (male or female), making the score of 2000 runs in T20Is. This also made her the first woman cricketer to beat 2000 runs in WT20I.

Mithali Raj’s height is 5 feet 4 inches which is approximately 1.63 meters. She is a Right-handed women cricket player with the role of Top-order batter. Her parents are Dorai Raj and Leela Raj. She has a siling named Mithun Raj. Mithali Raj’s net worth is $4.9 million that is around 36.6 Crores in INR.

How to join indian women’s cricket team?

To join the Indian women’s cricket team, there is no specific selection rule managed for women but you need to focus on your fitness. Firstly, you should join a standard cricket coaching center. In this place, girls, boys, and all newbies start cricket. During the training, process players need to keep maintaining their diet and workouts routine.

Once you start making a good impact on our cricket academy, you can participate in your local cricket tournaments. This is a fundamental level that will give you the certificate to play district-level matches. There are many thousands of other cricketers from different states and teams in local and district level matches, so you need to always keep your skill updated and focus on your game to win. When you perform well in a district-level match, you will get higher attention for the selection of big matches. It will give you chance to play for India, best of luck.

Indian women cricket team salary

Indian women’s cricket team salary is approximately Rs.20,000 INR per day. This is the salaries of senior women cricketers. If we talk about a good player like Mithali Raj’s salary, she makes Rs. 3.2 lacks per ODI matches and Rs.4.6 lacks for every Test Matches.

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