ScienceNASA Dart Mission Could Save Planet

NASA Dart Mission Could Save Planet


NASA conducted a test mission to redirect a 160 meters-wider asteroid smacking it 11 million Kilometers far, the first planetary defense technology protest has the potential to secure our planet’s future.

NASA Dart Mission Could Save Planet

On Monday, NASA’s first planetary defense technology demonstration proved successful when it struck the asteroid Dimorphous.

The mission DART referred Double Asteroid Redirection Test that created an effect at 7:15 p.m ET after ten months of helming via outer space for a mark that fibs some 11 million kilometers from Earth.

However, the asteroid was not a danger to Earth. It was just used to demonstrate the best way to stop asteroids from colliding with Earth in near future. It assures t

NASA DART Mission Video

DART Creates Effect

Scientists were able to identify Dimorphos after ten months of scavenging outer space and launch the test mission. A Dimorphous is a small body in space around 530 feet in diameter. It orbits a bigger 2560-foot asteroid named Didymos.

Astronomers discovered Didymons 2 years ago. Photographs from the spaceship Didymos Reconnaissance and Asteroid Camera for Optic navigation enabled the DART crew to direct an influence with the smaller asteroid Dimorphous. 

The booming test mission brought out Monday didn’t annihilate Dimorphos, but rather crashed with the asteroid to divert its course — something anointed kinetic impact.

The spacecraft struck the Dimorphos at 13,241 Miles/Hour. It was intended to adjust the position of the asteroid by 1%. Although the number appears small, the result is anticipated to alter the moon’s orbital track sufficiently to put it on a separate course.


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The crash was videoed by LICIACUBE. It is the Light Italian CubeSat for Imaging of Asteroids, which employed a partner cube satellite supplied by the Italian Space Agency to track the spacecraft. 

After some minutes of impact, CUBESAT glided past Dimorphos and caught several images. The pictures are predicted to be rushed back to Earth in the following few days or weeks.

Currently, post-impact, the investigative unit at John Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory will operate ground-based telescopes to observe the asteroid and to determine whether the DART impact altered Dimorpphos’s course around Didymos.

According to the team, it would take around two months to get the proper results.

This mission is NASA’s first demonstration of deflection technology. It is something that could prove to be crucial for Planet’s future. APL Director of John Hopkins University, Ralph Semmel spoke about the significance of the DART project and what it could do for the future.

This type of mission needs tremendous preparation and preciseness, and the team surpassed expectations on all calculations. Further, the compelling success of the technology demonstration and abilities based on DART could one day be used to change the course of an asteroid to protect our planet and preserve life on Earth as we know it.

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