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Best 10+ Acharya Prashant Quotes In Hindi Will Blow Your Life


Find out Acharya Prashant quotes in Hindi and English both version in this post. To know more about Acharya Prashant Kindly visit Acharyaprashant.org.

Acharya Prashant is the most outstanding scholar of the 21st century and he speaks on various matters about life, love, scriptures, spirituality, mind, body, soul, and more. These acharya Prashant Hindi quotes will offer you more transparency to understand life and circumstances. Quotes are very effective waves to realize in life situations. Great people’s quotes support improving your completion and keep going on living peacefully. Here we have assembled some of the best quotes of Acharya Prashant both Hindi and English versions of quotes for you.

You are unrestricted to download these quotes and utilize them on your phone or computer screen. Transfer these quotes with your adored ones and enjoy life.

#1. The biggest challenge is to win the body


The body represents our biological body and our mind. Mind comprises thoughts, feelings, thought, intelligence, and every info that we know. Every moment we are thinking about something. Spirit of mind is built in this way. It doesn’t want to be eliminated. Our physical body has many elements that want to make us their slaves forever. Like hunger, sex, fear, greed, ego, and more.

This acharya Prashant quote states that you need to be conscious of all of these factors of body and mind. Here we guide to body and mind both in one representation ‘body’ because both are external things. To win these elements of the body you require to do hard work on understanding them and rehearsing in daily life.

#2. You won’t see a true spiritual seeker smiling always. You will see concerns on his face like a warrior.


Seeker has a longing to find something in the future. Individuals who are so-called satisfied are honestly sad from the inner. A true spiritual seeker is always expecting to find something more significant, seeking understanding or peace inside. That’s why she/he has constantly beautiful concerns on their face without fear like a warrior.

#3. Soul Is The Core Of Consciousness


Spiritually awareness has many layers. In actual spirituality, only pure consciousness is understood as the center of the soul or it’s named the soul.

#4. Body Doesn’t Want To Move. Mind Doesn’t Want To Stop.


The body consistently seeks comfort in every situation. This is the nature of our body because it is the complete bundle of ego. Mind is consistently thinking or attracting and catching impressions inside the brain. Once we witness these facts as it is we can be released from both body and mind. Understanding the real nature of body and mind and not being its slaves is called true liberation.

#5. Man Is A Name Of Tension He Borns With It.


This Acharya Prashant quotes is a viewpoint to see humans on his way which is established on facts. When a kid borns he/she begins crying. The entire existence of body and mind is built-in restrictions and it seems like consciousness is in a web inside a body due to the sense of being which is also called ego(I Tendency). Individuals constantly seek happiness, calmness, or on kind of completeness in their entire life. Whole life we expend on the uncertainty of seeking the truth.

#6. The Body Is Came From Jungle. There Is No Design Of Liberation In It.

If we witness the past of humankind as a scientific fact, Darwin states that we came from the jungle, and darwin’s theory seems to be correct because all our primary attributes are similar to animals. Naturally, our body has no such algorithm of liberation by default. The senses can comprehend the truth. Once the mind comprehends the fact that reality can’t be comprehended by this mind, it becomes peaceful.

#7. The Majority Is Always Stupid. Be Alone, Be Intelligent.


This acharya Prashant quote expresses that most of the peoples in the crowd are mostly messing up with less valuable thing which is valueless spiritually. Intellectual peoples are occasional to find and they walk independently. So don’t be scared to walk alone with reality. Truth seekers are especially walking alone because most people don’t deserve god.

#8. You Can’t Learn Love Without Religion.


Religion is the truth that arrives from the knowledge of life and self. In the expression of love, peoples do all types of stupid movements such as weddings, sex, madness, and more. As you comprehend that there are a lot of clashes on religion on the planet. He speaks about cleansing the religion. To get love one should deserve able. Without learning true religion no one can’t learn to love. To realize true love, you should at least comprehend the Shree Krishna or other Sages.

#9. Don’t Do The Meditation Of Lord, Do Like A Labour.


In the 21st century majority of the public presumes that meditation is a job that we should accomplish, but spiritually it has extensive meaning. In this acharya prashant quotes he tells that don’t do such kind of meditation that particularly lords do by seating on a position all the time. Do such type of meditation that labor does. Meditation is a purpose, not a task. Seating in a position and doing nothing gives nothing. There are a lot of problems in the world that require to be repaired, otherwise, not only humankind but the entire earth is in danger. So that acharya suggests youths not to live stone in the term of meditation.

#10. You Are Beyond Happiness And Sorrow. Nothing Can Touch Your Actual Form. Know This Truth.


Happiness and sorrow are momentum always. It arrives and goes. It drives on a recycler way but there is something else that never arrives and never runs but remains the same ever which has many names such as present moment, consciousness, soul, life, god, awareness, etc. It is consistently there but nobody can affect it because everything occurs within it. If our understanding can be fixed on this truth then there will be an end of the cycle of happiness and sorrow and it never touches us.

#11. A Spiritually Relaxed Man Is Harmful To Fakeness and Unaware People.


According to Acharya Prashant, the meaning of a relaxed man is different and additionally truthful. Normally talking, we think of a relaxed man as a man who is on some kind of nerve or ignorant of all the problems.

Spiritually saying a relaxed man is such a gentleman who is peaceful from within. He/She has the proper knowledge of life and himself/herself. That’s why such a human being is always obvious about what to do. This acharya Prashant quotes is very shuttle and straightforward to relate to.

The present condition of the world is full of spamming, criminality, and fraud due to a lack of unawareness about self and true religion. A spiritually relaxed man is extremely harmful to the ignorant world. No one can handle such a man. He won’t slave to anyone because he/she has nothing to gain internally. If we talk about materially everyone should work to get something and a spiritually relaxed man never slaves to gain something material. He/She does hard work for it.

#12. When Sorrow comes, sound: “Happyness Didn’t Stay, You Won’t Stay Too”.


As we know already pleasure and sorrow are momentual and it runs on a cycle. So whenever you feel sad in any circumstances recall the fact that it won’t be long-lasting. It is only for a while.

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