ScienceScientists Are Developing An Advanced Hair Loss Treatment

Scientists Are Developing An Advanced Hair Loss Treatment


The upcoming future of advanced hair loss treatment seems quite promising. Some of the world’s leading hair loss research experts and organizations are claiming to bring a new way of restoring hair and its trials on humans is rolling out soon.

In this amazing science update, we will see what new therapies are coming for hair loss and baldness treatment and when it will be available.

New research in mice indicates a new potential way of restoring hair and further procedures are set to experiment with clinical trials in humans soon.


  • Scientists Are Developing Advanced Hair Loss Treatment.
  • Investigators at the University of California highlighted SCUBE3.
  • Advanced Hair Loss Treatment is coming soon.

An experimental treatment invented by investigators at the University of California highlighted in a recent report by writer Simar Bajaj, employs a protein molecule known as SCUBE3. 

The crew has indicated that SCUBE3 plays a critical role in how certain cells located at the bottom of our hair follicles called dermal papilla generate hair growth. 

They’ve also revealed that injecting SCUBE3 into the skin of mice can create new hair. Their recent research was published on July in the journal Development Cell in which they injected human hair follicles into mice.

Scientists argue that SCUBE3 can be packed into microbeads and easily inject into a human head without any pain. The process is similar to Botox treating wrinkles but is a little bit costly.

However, multiple drugs experiment have shown potential in animals only to fail later in human attempts. The jury is still excited to see whether SCUBE3 will turn into a valuable treatment or not. But there are further development also running for hair loss treatment.


Food and Drug Administration approved the baricitinib drug this year. It can treat alopecia areata which causes complete baldness. It is also proclaimed that Baricitinib and similar other drugs can attack the immune system which destroys hair follicles in humans.

Nowadays, doctors have started to prescribe very low doses of minoxidil and it’s research is still running. Till now it is considered a safe medication but it may not work for all patients.

Wired told in a report that Turn Biotechnologies is expecting to use mRNA technology. It is the underlying basis of the covid-19 vaccines created by Moderna and Pfizer to rejuvenate inactive stem cells within hair follicles.

The company is hoping for human trials to start by late 2023 or early 2024.


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Two different companies, RepliCel and HairClone, are also preparing to gather, expand, and then transplant hair cells from a healthy donor area of a patient scalp to the bald area. According to the report, RepiCel has already started human trials in Japan.

New experimental therapies are coming into the industry and existing approved drugs are providing people with more alternatives for saving their hair

It seems like the future is bright for those people who are anxious about balding and hair loss. Let’s hope for the best. To read full coverage, visit the link given in the description.


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