ScienceFalcon Heavy Rocket Launches By SpaceX

Falcon Heavy Rocket Launches By SpaceX


SpaceX’s 49th Falcon heavy flight of 2022 has lifted off from SLC-4E at Vandenberg Space Force Base which is located in California.

Falcon heavy rocket is launching with 53 Starlink satellites to expand starlink internet service.

The mission happened on Thursday, october 27 inclining 53.2 degree orbit to adjust fourth shell of starlink satellites orbiting at 540 kilometers in altitude.

B1063-8 is the booster rocket for this mission, which successfully landed on an Autonomous Spaceport Drone Ship. As booster completed its eighth flight, the second phase reached orbit before deploying the 53 satellites 15 minutes after launch. 

The second step then completes a final dumping burn before reentering the atmosphere over the North Pacific, south of the Aleutian Islands.

Today, october 28, 7: 28 am, spacex reported that Deployment of 53 Starlink satellites confirmed via twitter.

This new SpaceX mission features Falcon 9’s first stage on a drone shop. It is called “of course I still love you”.


On October 26, phoenix started getting several phone calls concerning a streak of light in the sky. As it turns out, the cloud arrived from a SpaceX launch.

The first step booster keeping this mission earlier launched Sentinel-6 Michael Freilich, DART, and five Starlink missions.

Presently, number of starlink satellites running seem impressive. Concrning the matter, Elon musk has told that the constellation is still losing money.

Starlink v1.5 satellites will be persisting to launch on Falcon 9, while the Starlink v2 satellites are much bigger and weightier. Starlink v2 satellites are indicated to be deployed by the forthcoming Starship launch vehicle presently experiencing pre-flight trials at Starbase in south Texas.

The Starlink v2 satellites will feature enhanced inter-satellite communication links, boosted power, and more significant bandwidth. 

A new version of Starlink satellite operating at least some of these elements is being ready that would be capable to fly aboard the Falcon 9.

The workhorse Falcon 9 will ultimately get a short pause, as the next SpaceX mission is set to be the long-delayed, USSF-44 flight aboard Falcon Heavy from Pad 39A at the Kennedy Space Center.

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