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Putin is considering the use of chemical weapons in Ukraine, without quoting evidence said, Biden


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U.S. President Joe Biden is concerned about the United States’ reaction to the Russian attack on Ukraine and warns CEOs regarding probable cyber raids from Russia at Business Roundtable’s CEO Quarterly conference in Washington DC, the U.S. on March 21, 2022.

WASHINGTON, March 21 (BB): Russia’s inaccurate indictments that Kyiv has biological and chemical weapons depict that Russian President Vladimir Putin is feeling using them himself in his battle against Ukraine, U.S. President Joe Biden spoke on Monday, without quoting proof.

Putin’s “backside is in opposed to the wall and currently, he’s speaking about irregular false flags he’s putting up including, declaring that we in America hold biological and chemical weapons in Europe, simply not correct,” Biden told at a Business Roundtable occasion.

“They are even proposing that Ukraine has chemical and biological weapons in Ukraine. That’s an obvious sign he’s thinking using both of those.”

The Russian embassy in Washington did not instantly respond to a demand for comment.

Joe Biden And Putin Meet

The statements reproduced prior comments by officers in Washington and leagued countries, who have blamed Russia for applying an unproven assertion that Ukraine had a biological weapons agenda as a possible intro to potentially throwing its chemical or biological attacks.

Russia’s defense ministry has blamed Kyiv, without supplying evidence, for preparing a chemical invasion against its people to charge Moscow of using chemical weapons in the attack of Ukraine that started on Feb. 24.

Before this month, U.S. national security consultant Jake Sullivan communicated with Nikolay Patrushev, who is the secretary of Russia’s Security Council, alerting him of consequences for “any potential Russian decision to use chemical or biological spears in Ukraine.” White House did not pinpoint what those impacts would be.

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Biden also voiced Russia operated a hypersonic missile to eliminate a weapons station on Saturday “because it’s the sole thing they can reach through with total confidence.”

A government official explained Monday sunset that Biden was proving Russia’s use of such an evolved missile, but stated that the effect of the attack was unfamiliar. One aged U.S. defense official had earlier presented inquiries about the lawfulness of the Russian account.

Russia’s attack, which it calls a “particular military operation” to demilitarize Ukraine, has mostly slowed, failing to grab any major city, but forcing huge destruction top residential spots.

Ukraine stated on Monday it would not follow injunctions from Russia after Moscow ordered it to stop upholding blockaded Mariupol, where thousands of civilians are sorrowing through Russian bomb showers.

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