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Universal Passes Registration For International Travel, Login Process & Link


Universal Passes Registration and Login, Process is an easy way to get authorized to travel the world. Here you will find Links for a universal travel pass. Get enrollment details from Universal travel pass from here. 


Full details about Universal Travel Pass will be created open to you in our report, so please read it completely. We will give you entire information regarding the process of registration and login and as well as a link to visit.

Universal Passes For Travel

At this time it is far more comfortable to register for universal passes. You can register it online from home via its online portal. We will let you know that portal in this article. But first, add our website to your bookmark list so that you won’t miss any future travel-related updates.

Due to Corona Pandemic, universal pass registration processes have been shifted to online so that people can easily register from the online portal. QR code E-Pass service has been supplied by Maharashtra State Disaster Management Authority to all the registered groups of Mumbai, via which you can apply for a universal travel pass.

Universal Travel Pass Registration

You will get epass via QR code only, via this there will be no hustle of any kind. Only those who have the full set of details will be fed the pass and nodal officials will be conscripted for analysis.

As you all understand that due to the constant covid-19 in the nation, a strict curfew was charged, and due to which individuals were encountering a bunch of trouble in commuting, in such a case, online passes were created by the government and this pass Created only for the medical sector individuals and utility providers. But currently, the administration has begun creating passes for those who function in registered firms. To get more additional details about this, if you like, you can even visit the online portal site, which link is available in this post.

Goals of Universal Travel Pass

Some of the primary purposes of epass are as follows:-

  • Its primary goal is to help individuals travel in covid-19 as well.
  • It will be created for only three classes, which are medical, utility, and education.
  • Via this, the administration likes to make open all facilities of medical structures and education to all.
  • Via this, you can directly hang from rail to a rickshaw.
  • You can bring your UTP by QR code.
  • Via this, you can cross to other states also.

State-wise pass registration is available

  • AP ePass
  • Assam E Pass
  • Bihar E Pass
  • Chhattisgarh E Pass
  • Delhi E Pass
  • Goa ePass
  • Gujarat ePass
  • Haryana E Pass
  • HP ePass
  • Jharkhand E Pass
  • Karnataka ePass
  • Kerala ePass
  • MP E Pass
  • Maharashtra E Pass
  • Odisha E Pass
  • Punjab ePass
  • Rajasthan E Pass
  • Telangana ePass
  • Tamil Nadu E Pass
  • Uttarakhand ePass
  • UP E Pass
  • West Bengal ePass

Eligibility Benchmarks for Universal Passes For Travel

Keep the following things in your mind to apply for universal passes:

  • You must be an Indian resident to apply.
  • Kids cannot apply for this.
  • You can apply exclusively if you belong to the education, medical, and utility sectors.
  • You must be in classes and subclasses to apply.
  • Whoever desires to register, must include all the details.

Documents Required for Universal Passes Registration

To apply, you require the subsequent documents, which are as below:-

  • Aadhar card
  • Government ID proof
  • Voter id
  • Registration certificate
  • Registered mobile number
  • Registered company
  • Industrial papers

How to apply for Universal Passes Online?

  1. To apply, foremost, you have to visit the online portal.
  2. Its link is
  3. Then you will notice two choices of Register Your Establishment and Download Travel Guide on the main page.
  4. You should click on “Register Your Establishment“.
  5. Your form will unlock on the next page.
  6. In that, you are needed to reload all the respectful sub with red marks.
  7. In which you need to fill in the registration number, type of establishment, establishment category and photo of registration certificate, etc.
  8. After that, you will even have to serve in the coordinate details.
  9. Then you should accept all the requirements and click on the declaration.
  10. After clicking on register, a notification will arrive on your registered mobile number, from which you will understand that your registration has been done.

How to apply online Universal Travel Pass Local QR Code?

  1. Foremost you should visit its official website.
  2. On the main page, you should click on UTP.
  3. Then you should choose Register Your Establishment.
  4. Then you should fill out the form and plug in all the information rightly.
  5. Then the coordinator can plug in all the details linked to the staff number.
  6. In which you need to fill in the facts like member name, unit and phone number, etc.
  7. After filing this form an SMS will be shipped to your team member.
  8. Members can log in via a mobile number.
  9. After login, you will need to upload your photo, which needs to be clear.
  10. Ultimately, you need to download your Universal Travel Pass OR-based.

Hope you have gained full information regarding this in our article. If you like to ask anything regarding Universal Travel Pass, you can leave a message in the comment section and we will reach back to you shortly.

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