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Cloud Hosting VS VPS Hosting: Which Is Best For You?


Cloud hosting vs VPS hosting makes sense to understand before purchasing any hosting service. Otherwise, you may suffer later just because of a lack of good understanding of vps hosting vs cloud hosting. So in this quick article, we will compare cloud hosting and vps hosting to understand which is best to use.


Cloudways platforms have evolved advanced cloud server technology to offer the best experience to their clients. On the other side, VPS hosting brings a Private Cloud server to give a more secure virtual server.

Cloud VPS Hosting

It is essential to understand what is cloud vps hosting before diving into it. Because its characteristics measure the quality and features of the hosting server. 

Let us tell you that VPS refers to Virtual Privet Server which means your online resources will run under a Private Cloud network. Their servers are based on virtualization technology. It contains multiple dedicated slots on a single virtual machine. Every slot can be allocated to dedicated resources.


Cloud hosting vs VPS hosting

One of the primary drawbacks of the VPS hosting industry is its vulnerability. It can generate a specific resource or slot crash in any situation and the website or application running on that server will be unavailable. But the remainder of the applications won’t stop and stay running without any service disruption.

There is a change, in some cases when unexpectedly extreme traffic hit on the server can cause the whole machine to fail because all its resources contain in the same machine. Despite there being some weaknesses, VPS hosting has some beneficial points that bring the margin nearer between shared and dedicated hosting solutions.

Cloud Hosting

If talking about cloud hosting, it is a top priority in the current web hosting industry. Cloud hosting technology has succeeded in a massive endorsement in a very short duration of time. In an article referring to hosting guidelines, we have already some significant points to choosing the right web hosting. So ensure that you check that also.


Any website hosted on a cloud server can be accessed from anywhere and anytime. Here hosting resources of every website are duplicated on each cloud-hosted server in a group. If one server gets the maximum traffic that it can handle, then it automatically routes the query for that particular site to the inactive cloud server in the group.

Cloud provides multiple web hosting services like FTP, SFTP, SSH, files storage, and email services like SMTP. Its concurrent distribution of equal resources on the cloud hosting in the cluster offers the best deal of trustworthiness. For instance, if any one of the devices malfunctions, it will not induce loss or disturbance in the whole hosting service.

Advantages of Cloud Hosting

  • In cloud hosting, your website is hosted on a virtual partition that takes the benefits of multiple physical networks. That it is a fairly dedicated hosting service. If one of the servers turns offline, it will barely lower the resource level in the cloud but it won’t add that stress to your website.
  • It is protected by several physical servers which are shielded from 3rd parties who like to access their resources or interrupt their services.
  • Cloud hosting is flexible, extensible, and scalable. It does not include the exact limitations of a single server. Resources are open according to your demands and in real-time.
  • Cloud hosting is cost reliable because you only spend for what you use.

Which Hosting To Buy? Cloud Hosting VS VPS

VPS hosting is normally less efficient because it assigns a specific amount of server resources to each customer. Thus, if the need grows, the system would not be capable to manage the extra influx. It will merely crash. If the server malfunctions, it will also go down. 


If observing cloud hosting, it handles the expansion differently. In the cloud atmosphere, the client’s website is hosted on a collection of cooperative computing resources. This generally means that if one server is running at its optimum level, then a second backup server is prepared to function. Likewise, if a server downs, the site will still be live as other servers will persist to serve the incoming traffic.

For those who want powerful functionality with reliability, cloud hosting is the best choice. A recent update from one of the leading cloud services, cloudways shows the massive growth in cloud infrastructure. It is a popular and affordable hosting choice nowadays, especially for those who want to move to cloud hosting.

Big app hosting companies are also shifting to cloud services to host their application due to its security, affordability, and other limitless benefits.

VPS is for those who like to host their website only. Despite it being powerful, it does not assure uptime and your website may fail when high traffic or some technical issues.


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