SpiritualityAcharya Prashant Reveals the Secret Of Karma and coincidence

Acharya Prashant Reveals the Secret Of Karma and coincidence


RockstarGuru Acharya Prashant Unveils the Secret of Karma and as things occur. Whether they are right or wrong depends on your reaction and internal constitution.

While interacting with students of IIT Kharagpur in 2020, RockStar Guru Acharya Prashant revealed the secret of Karma and coincidence.

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Things are things, conditions are conditions, occasions are occasions, exterior stimuli are just external. You have no authority over them. But, potentially, you have all potential control over the one within who reacts to external situations. That is where your authority lies.

Questioner: When something right or wrong happens suddenly to someone, is it karma or mere coincidence?

Acharya Prashant: The occurrence is just a random coincidence. How you experience the occurring is your own decision, your own doing, in other words, karma.

Get the distinction right. The worldly world is not predetermined. It is not deterministic; it is random in the real meaning of the word. There are just too many reasons and effect nodes to take into consideration, and further, there is the unpredictable element of free will involved concerning many of the actors.

If the whole material world were a colossal engine, we could have told that a day will come when we will be capable of fully mapping the machine, and if we can understand the machine fully, then we can decide, predict all that would occur in the machine at a certain time and place. Then everything becomes predictable.

But the machine is not only massive, but several parts of it also hold free will, so unexpected things happen. Thus, you cannot know what is going to occur next in the external world. It is heading to be a coincidence.

Kindly do not consider that things are predetermined or that particular things are happening to you because you are destined to experience them. 

Secret Of Karma By Acharya Prashant

No, nothing of that kind. Fatalism is a sham.

The Secret Of Karma By AP

The outer world is truly unanticipated. Having stated that,

 how you react to what happens to you is much your own decision, and there you have all the control, all the ownership, and a lot of potential freedom.

So, things occur. Whether they are right or wrong relies on your response and internal constitution. Where does your internal constitution come from? Your inner constitution is not random because you are a conscious being: you have independence in choosing what you must be, and you have freedom in producing yourself up.

The one who reacts to an experience from within is not an unexpected occurrence. The one who answers to external stimulation is the result of your whole life journey.

The exact thing can occur to two individuals and they might react very differently. Why is that so? The outer event is the same. Something inside them must be separate. From where does this item inside come from? It arrives from the collected set of your choices, and that is what is anointed as the secret of karma in popular parlance.

You have got yourself to a stage where you will respond negatively or admiringly to a happening, where an incident will affect you greatly or not at all. That is your doing. That is what you have done.

So, it is not that good things are occurring to you or bad items are happening to you. Things are something, situations are cases, events are circumstances, outer stimuli are just external. You have no control over them. But, probably you have all likely control over the one within, who answers to external situations. 

That is where your full control lies. That is what you can handle. That is what you must have whole control over. That is the whole meaning of life, and that is freedom. Otherwise, you are just a slave of circumstances: situations can come and push you mad. That is no way to live.

So, good and bad circumstances that happen, are they karma—in other terms, an outcome of our past actions, deeds, choices, etc, or coincidence, Both.

To what scope are these things coincidental? To the extent they are superficial. The outer world, we said, is random. Anything can occur to anybody at any time. There is no assurance of any specified thing happening. Things are probabilistic at best.

But when it arrives in the inner world, how you react to what happens to you is your preference, your decision, and that determination cannot be taken totally at this moment itself because it is something that accumulates.

You have to create yourself uprightly. You cannot say you like to remain neutral by all the destructive situations outside and hope that what you want just happens.

If you want to be impartial to external circumstances, you will have to work extremely hard at creating that kind of core within. That is the secret of karma.

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